Internet Marketing Consultant & Manager with a focus on brand personality growth.

Also, podcast host, creator, curator, marketer and editor @ Rob Z Radio on all podcast apps


I help Business Owners leverage a proven, results-driven social media strategy to generate more leads, add more clients and increase revenue. 


I provide consulting, management, and marketing to help businesses and business owners develop their personalities online through social media, podcasting and videography. 


Business Owners. Since 2015 I've helped businesses in over a dozen different industries achieve measurable results when it comes to using social media to generate leads, attract more customers and increase revenue.

If you are struggling to drive and increase sales for your business, and are ready to use internet and social media marketing to grow, then I would love to help you. 
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In early 2017 I left behind my 18 year career as a Radio DJ, Program Director, Music Director and Event DJ to start my own Social Media Marketing and Consulting business & put more focus into my podcast (Rob Z Radio). During my tenure in radio I developed a true passion for social media and helping businesses grow. Part of my job in radio was growing our social media platforms (which I did for about 5 years before I left). This helped me to recognize the importance of social media and my affinity towards gaining followers and engaging with fans. Now I help businesses attract more traffic, leads and sales online. 

My clients have ranged from a broad variety of industries including gyms, personal fitness, car rental, car sales, consulting, sales, thought leadership, IT, computer programming, computer software, health foods, restaurants, cafes, body care products, yoga, magazines, and real estate. 

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